McDonald’s, Värnamo

A fast food restaurant has to be cleaned constantly, 24 hours a day. At McDonald’s in Värnamo, having easy access to cleaning equipment and colour coded tools helps the restaurant comply with strict hygiene standards.

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McDonald’s in the Bredasten area of Värnamo is a typical motorway McDonald’s dating from the mid- 1990s. In recent years the restaurant has been thoroughly refurbished, and the kitchen, dining area and other public areas such as toilets and entrances have been upgraded. However, the refurbishment came at a price.

– We converted some storage space that wasn’t needed for food storage, refrigerators and freezers. I’d be lying if I said it isn’t cramped here, says Stan Othin, who’s been managing the restaurant in Värnamo for 14 years.

There used to be a cleaning room next to the toilets and one in the kitchen. Additional toilets were build during the latest renovation, which further reduced the space available for storing cleaning equipment. There’s just one corner left for cleaning materials in the kitchen area.

– The cleaning storage space has got smaller and smaller while everything else has grown. This situation isn’t unique to McDonald’s in Värnamo. Many restaurants are pressed for space. And I think many people have a similar situation at home. Cleaning storage isn’t given high priority, says Stan.

The cleaning and hygiene procedures for McDonald’s franchises are, to a large extent, decided centrally by McDonald’s. However, each restaurant is responsible for meeting the requirements based on local conditions.

– We comply with the required standards. We use a colour coding system with green for production, blue for the restaurant, red for the toilets and yellow for outdoors. All our cleaning tools are colour coded, from cloths to mop handles and brushes, Stan explains.

A Toolflex rail with different coloured holders for cleaning tools has been fitted in a small area between the restaurant and kitchen. Another rail has been installed in the kitchen for cleaning equipment that is used exclusively for production.

– We apply a clean as you go principle. If food gets dropped on the floor, we clean it up immediately, and if a worktop is dirty we wipe it down. Cleaning isn’t scheduled; it’s done continuously.

Stan praises Toolflex products, which he says have helped McDonald’s Värnamo to meet the hygiene requirements that apply to restaurants.

– The best thing about them is that they’re so practical. Our old tool storage system was really clumsy. And the Toolflex system looks attractive as well. Our customers can see straight into the kitchen when they fetch their food. Cleanliness is important, but keeping things tidy and organised is also essential. Toolflex helps us achieve this.

  • What?

    Fast food restaurant with approximately 2,000 covers per day, and more during the summer. It has 149 indoor covers.

  • The challenge

    A cleaning-intensive business operating in limited space. The cleaning storage facilities have gradually been converted into restaurant space.

  • Benefits of Toolflex

    Colour coded hanging system for mops and other cleaning equipment. The colours of the Toolflex holders match the colours of the plastic rings on the cleaning tools’ handles. Handy hanging system. Quick handling of cleaning tools during storage and use, important as the premises are frequently cleaned.