Limhamns Fiskrökeri, Malmö

It is a requirement in all food production to separate cleaning tools into different zones. At Limhamns Fiskrökeri, a fish smokery, shop and restaurant, colour coded Toolflex products are used to help meet food hygiene requirements without compromising the shop’s aesthetic appearance.

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There’s a huge turnover of fish in the company’s bright premises on Strandgatan in Malmö’s Limhamn district. Fresh raw ingredients are delivered daily and are processed for sale in the shop and restaurant. In addition, the company smokes fish for external clients.

– On a typical day, we welcome over 200 customers to our shop and almost as many to our restaurant. We work in an open environment with food production and sales close together. It’s crucial to keep thepremises clean and tidy, says shop manager Daniel Sandgren.

The company’s cleaning procedures are organised around four separate hygiene zones: shop, production, restaurant and kitchen. Each zone has a separate colour code to make everyone’s work as easy as possible. Although colour coding is not a legal requirement, Daniel saw it as an obvious choice.

– We’re required to keep the equipment separate, and there’s no simpler and clearer way than using different colours. It would be very hard to make a mistake with this system.

When asked how many times the squeegees and mops go in and out of the Toolflex holders, Daniel isn’t sure – but one thing is certain.

– We haven’t counted, but definitely a huge number of times. We clean the premises many times a day. If we didn’t keep the equipment so handy, I think it would be easier to cut corners and skip the occasional cleaning. See that wall over there? It looks really tidy, even though the cleaning tools are hanging in full view. I think that’s the greatest thing about the Toolflex solution: it makes it easier to do what’s necessary.
He also says that Toolflex saves time.

– It’s a similar thing. It’s so handy having all the tools close at hand whilst working. It saves a minute or two every time you clean because you don’t have to go and fetch things from a cleaning cupboard. That makes a huge difference for us.

There’s another Toolflex rail in the production kitchen. Behind the new Toolflex One rail are visible traces of an old rail that was screwed straight onto the wall, which Daniel says was probably there for ten years.

– See that brown mark? It’s impossible to get off. The new rails are detachable, so we can clean thoroughly behind them. This is essential when you work in this type of environment. You can’t pass a food safety inspection if you’ve got equipment attached to the walls that’s hard to remove, he points out.

  • What?

    Fish smokery, restaurant and shop Beside the sea on Strandvägen in the Limhamn district of Malmö. Established in 1946, trading in its current form since 2007. The smokery has the capacity to smoke 400 kg of fish at once.

  • The challenge

    Strict hygiene requirements for food production. The premises are cleaned many times a day while the shop and restaurant activities are in progress. Cleaning equipment needs to be kept handy to save time.

  • Benefits of Toolex

    Toolflex equipment keeps things tidy and provides a hygienic and aesthetically attractive storage solution in premises frequented by customers.