Restaurant Genuin, Malmö

– Cooking at a high level is a job that engages all the senses. It’s important for us that things should look clean and tidy, both in the restaurant and back in the kitchen, says Mikael Björkqvist, owner of the Restaurant Genuin in Malmö, where Toolflex rails are used for storing cleaning equipment.

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Tidiness and attention to detail are of the essence in quality cooking. The Restaurant Genuin serves Swedish traditional cuisine with French influences – and head chef Stefan Persson and part-owner Mikael Björkqvist are not only exacting about raw materials and roux.

– I think many of us in the restaurant industry are meticulous and want things to be clean and tidy. Our kitchen is located directly underneath the restaurant, and space is limited. This makes it extra important to keep things organised, Mikael explains.

All cleaning tools used in the kitchen are stored hanging on two Toolflex rails. One of the rails is in a small storage room inside the kitchen area, while the other has been installed in a narrow space next to a freezer in the kitchen.

– Everything has to be kept in its dedicated place and easily accessible. We clean frequently and don’t want to have to hunt around for the equipment. Working in a small restaurant is very different to industrial scale food preparation, both in terms of the craftsmanship involved and the cleaning procedures. We do things on a small scale with everything very close together, says Mikael.

The restaurant kitchen gets deep cleaned on a regular basis.

– This means we remove all equipment from the walls and worktops and disinfect all surfaces and tools. To do this really thoroughly, it’s crucial to be able to reach everywhere, including behind the tool holders.

Colour coding of the tools isn’t necessary since we have such a small space to keep clean.

  • What?

    Restaurant serving Swedish/French cuisine on Köpenhamnsvägen in Malmö. 45–50 covers. Opened under current management in 2013.

  • The challenge

    Small kitchen used for high level cooking. Limited space for storing cleaning equipment.

  • Benefits of Toolflex

    Toolflex’s ability to create storage for cleaning equipment in small spaces comes in very handy in the restaurant’s compact kitchen. A storage area has been created in a 30 centimetre gap beside a freezer.