Scandic hotel, Värnamo

The Scandic hotel in Värnamo is a wonderful mix of old and new. The hotel opted to collaborate with local furniture and design firms when designing all the areas frequented by guests. Another local company, Toolflex, helps keep things neat and tidy behind the scenes.

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– I come in here twice every morning pushing laden bread trolleys. I don’t know how many times I’ve cursed at finding cleaning tools obstructing the corridors. Now the tools are neatly stored in their proper places and the kitchen staff don’t have to hear me swearing anymore, laughs Sarah Schagerström, the hotel’s breakfast manager.

She shows us around the enormous kitchen. In the 1950s, when the hotel was built, large banquets were held here. Now the groups of diners are smaller, so the kitchen seems unnecessarily large.

– I suppose we shouldn’t complain about having a large kitchen, but it’s actually easy to lose tools and utensils in such a large space. We’ve spent a lot of time searching around for scrubbing brushes and squeegees, says Sarah.

When Toolflex visited the kitchen, they immediately saw a need to upgrade the storage system for cleaning tools. Christian Jacobson was given a free rein.

– The hotel’s large kitchen is cleaned twice a day: after lunch and after dinner. My basic philosophy is that whoever is cleaning should know where to find the equipment they need exactly when they need it. Colour coding is very useful in this type of environment, and Toolflex One is indispensable in a kitchen. The removable rail that allows you to clean the wall behind it, along with the fact that both the rail and the tool holders are dishwasher safe, makes this system almost a necessity to comply with hygiene regulations in the long term, says Christian Jacobson at Toolflex.

Sarah confirms that Toolflex One is exceptionally handy.

– We deep clean here once a month, which includes removing all the fixtures that are attached to the walls and cleaning thoroughly behind them. Toolflex has come up with a really practical solution, she says.

Restaurant kitchens worldwide are required to follow common hygiene standards. One hygiene factor is that no wet implements may be left standing on the floor. This quickly ruins the implements, while the damp environment promotes rapid bacterial growth.

– Everyone in the industry knows this, and I think everybody is very careful. A case of food poisoning is about the worst thing that can happen for anyone in the food industry. The great thing about Toolflex products is that they make it so easy to get things right. There’s no handier system for keeping the tools in their proper places, says Sarah.

Part owner Viktor Bergman talks enthusiastically about the hotel’s design ambitions and Wine and Design concept. He also sees huge benefits in keeping things clean and tidy.

– Our staff are of many different ages and nationalities. They’re not all able to read complicated instructions in Swedish. The clearer we are about our hygiene and cleaning procedures, the better it is for everyone. To me, Toolflex means simplicity and flexibility. You can easily change it to suit your needs. He adds:

– The Scandic Group are generally good about meeting hygiene directives. We get quite a lot of help from them in that area. However, our kitchen isn’t run by Scandic, so we use slightly different methods there. And Toolflex products play an important role in getting things right.

Finally, the hotel’s Prosecco bar merits a mention.

– We wanted to find a fun way to display the whole range of drinks, and we thought of Toolflex. Now the bottles are displayed on the ceiling, which gives guests a good overview of everything on offer. And it’s extra fun that the colours of the holders match the furniture in the bar, says Sarah.

  • What?

    Hotel with 121 rooms in central Värnamo. The original hotel was built in 1955, and was taken over by four new partners from the Värnamo region in 2017. The business has 19 annual employees.

  • The challenge

    A lot of different types of cleaning in rooms, kitchen and public areas. Strict hygiene requirements in the kitchen, which is so large that it’s actually possible to lose tools there.

  • Benefits of Toolflex

    Toolflex has brought order to the large kitchen. The staff no longer have to spend time searching for cleaning tools or risk tripping over brooms and mops. The new Toolflex One with a detachable rail makes it easy to meet hygiene requirements in the kitchen. As an added bonus, Toolflex is also used as a hanging display system for bottles in the Prosecco bar on the first floor.