Zerva, Skövde

Zerva supplies Skaraborg County with products for cleaning, hygiene and mainte- nance, and also runs cleaning courses. Zerva’s general view is that quality pays off. Good equipment saves time, and in the cleaning sector time is money.

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Zerva’s newly built office and shop are located in the Stallsiken retail park in Skövde. The shop, which opened in 2017, is a new development in the company, which has been operating in Skaraborg for several decades.

– Our main focus is, and has always been, supplying products and services to the public and corporate sectors. The shop has become something of a showroom for our products, but is also open to private customers, says Jan Karlgren, Local Manager at Zerva.

Broadly speaking, Zerva’s training courses can be divided into three main categories: staff information, profitability and service.

– Basically, everyone wants to be able to clean as well as possible at the best possible price. The whole process must also be sustainable, both for those doing the work and for the environment, says Jan, who can easily understand why municipalities and companies train their cleaning staff.

– Tools, chemicals and cleaning machines account for five percent of the cleaning costs, while the hours spent cleaning account for 95 percent. Percentages are one thing, but the reality is slightly different. Investing in the right products affects the amount of time spent.

Zerva has its own range of chemical products – PLS – where focus is placed on high quality as a competitive factor.

– We know from experience that quality boosts economy in the long term. All products we include in our range must be keeping with our PLS quality concept. Toolflex is such a product. Durable cleaning equipment is both more profitable and more sustainable. Toolflex tool holders are, in our opinion, the best system for storing mops, brushes and squeegees, says Jan.

High quality poses no obstacle to winning public tenders. Zerva is living proof of this.

– The requirements are often very high in public procurements. These requirements regard system support, sustainability, training, the products used, and much more. In recent years, we’ve been very successful thanks to our focus on quality, Jan says.

Having quality tools is essential, and correct tool maintenance is equally crucial. Zerva offers a training course dedicated to tool hygiene.

– It’s primarily staff who work in kitchens, restaurants and food processing who take this course. A point emphasised in the course is that tools must be stored hanging freely so they can dry out when not in use. This is a basic hygiene prerequisite.

Zerva is one of Sweden’s largest distributors of cleaning trolleys. Quality is the cornerstone here as well, and two new trolleys will be released in 2020 tailored to Zerva’s specifications, which are based on customers’ experiences.

– For people who use a cleaning trolley all day long at work, ergonomics and function are crucial. Having Toolflex holders on the trolleys is practically a foregone conclusion. I don’t know if we’ve sold a single trolley without a Toolflex system in the last few years, says Jan.

  • What?

    Zerva is a distributor of cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment and tools. A major provider of courses in cleaning products and cleaning procedures. Zerva always has Toolflex products in stock.

  • The challenge

    To offer a full range of products with high customer value that meet quality and sustainability requirements.

  • Benefits of Toolflex

    Zerva is a Toolflex distributor and sees Toolflex products as a small detail that makes a big difference in storing and transporting cleaning equipment.