Where can I buy Toolflex Arrow icon

Feel free to contact us via the form on the “contact us” page and we will help you find your nearest dealer of Toolflex.

Can I buy the rubber part as a spare part? Arrow icon

Yes, please contact Toolflex or your local distributor.

How heavy tools can you attach to your holders? Arrow icon

Each individual holder can carry a maximum of 5 kg and the hooks max 3 kg.
The maximum weight per rail is 25 kg.

Can you mount the holders directly to the wall, or do you have to have a rail? Arrow icon

P-01 – Holders can be mounted directly on the wall using the P-01 wall adapter, or on the P-01 rail.
P-02 – Is either mounted directly on the wall using screws or on P-02 rail.
P-03 – Is mounted directly on metal plate or wall* or on tubes with a P-03 tube clamp.
H-01 – Is either mounted directly on the wall using screws or on H-01 rail.

What is the difference between P-02 and H-01? Arrow icon

See a comparison here

Can P-01 holder be mounted on P-02 and H-01 rail? Arrow icon

No, the P-01 holders can only be mounted on the hygienic P-01 rail.

Can you extend one rail with another? Arrow icon

Yes, remove the end-caps and screw up the rails on the wall, poem against each other.

Is it possible to cut the rails? Arrow icon

Yes, it is possible to cut the rails to the desired length.
End-caps are available as spare-parts.

Can I supplement my rail with more holders and hooks? Arrow icon

Yes, holders are sold in 2-packs and hooks in 3-pack and 5-pack.

What is the maximum number of holders that can be attached to a rail? Arrow icon

Rail 35 cm – 4 holders
Rail 50 cm – 5 holders
Rail 90 cm – 10 holders
Rail 54 cm (P-01) – 6 holders
Rail 94 cm (P-01) – 10 holders

* Depending on size. Contact Toolflex for more information.