Our history

The story of how Toolflex was developed dates back to 1982.

Engineer Bengt Forsberg began to think of a product that would make it easier to hang and organise tools. His previous experience with rubber development enabled him to think of a solution where a rubber component grasped the shaft of a tool. After a series of prototypes and testing, Bengt finally developed a product that was ready to market. The result was the basis for a product patent that was registered in 1983. This innovative product with a simple rubber membrane that held tools securely into place, became instantly popular within the cleaning industry. The professional cleaning companies in Europe quickly became Toolflex’s primary market, and that is still true today.

When beginning to supply the retail market, Bengt discovered the need for a system where several holders could be mounted, un-mounted or replaced. The rail, which originally was made of sheet metal, was developed and became a critical component of the launch of The Toolflex System. This allowed the user to easily combine multiple holders without having to screw new holes into the wall.

35 years after the product was launched, Toolflex has gone from a simple idea to a smart system. The flexible tool holders are ideal for all sorts of different needs and sizes. The models have been developed both in terms of design and materials in order to maintain its high quality. New materials have also made it possible to offer the holders in various colours and colour-coding possibilities.

Toolflex is currently sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Manufacturing is still done in Sweden. Its founder, Bengt Forsberg, despite all his success, continues to question how to improve the system further.