Our stories are testimonials from the world of Toolflex, like restaurant kitchens, food producing factories and cleaning companies.

We aim to help with knowledge, about hygiene requirements and how to organize your cleaning procedure. Below you can read testimonials from companies and our Knowledge bank.


Zerva, Skövde

Zerva supplies Skaraborg County with products for cleaning, hygiene and mainte- nance, and also runs cleaning courses. Zerva’s general view is that quality pays off. Good equipment saves time, and in the cleaning sector time is money.

Restaurant Genuin, Malmö

– Cooking at a high level is a job that engages all the senses. It’s important for us that things should look clean and tidy, both in the restaurant and back in the kitchen, says Mikael Björkqvist, owner of the Restaurant Genuin in Malmö, where Toolflex rails are used for storing cleaning equipment.

Limhamns Fiskrökeri, Malmö

It is a requirement in all food production to separate cleaning tools into different zones. At Limhamns Fiskrökeri, a fish smokery, shop and restaurant, colour coded Toolflex products are used to help meet food hygiene requirements without compromising the shop’s aesthetic appearance.

Scandic hotel, Värnamo

The Scandic hotel in Värnamo is a wonderful mix of old and new. The hotel opted to collaborate with local furniture and design firms when designing all the areas frequented by guests. Another local company, Toolflex, helps keep things neat and tidy behind the scenes.

NT Service, Värnamo

– The ergonomics and working environment for our employees is always our top priority. This is for the sake of our employees as well as for the company, says Torbjörn Sporre, who runs the cleaning company NT Service with his colleague Niclas Jarl.

McDonald’s, Värnamo

A fast food restaurant has to be cleaned constantly, 24 hours a day. At McDonald’s in Värnamo, having easy access to cleaning equipment and colour coded tools helps the restaurant comply with strict hygiene standards.

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