Toolflex Original

The Original since 1983

  • Three holder sizes covering Ø 15–40mm
  • Coloured pins to distingues between sizes
  • Numerious uses, both indoors and outdoors
  • Two lengths
  • Use without a rail
  • Made in Sweden

Available in 4 configurations

  • 50 cm rail with 3 x M holders
  • 50 cm rail with 2 x M and 1 x XL holders
  • 90 cm rail with 5 x M holders
  • 90 cm rail with 3 x M holders and 2 x XL holders

Available in 4 configurations

Available in black

Available in black

Available in black

Available in black

The Original Since 1983

Toolflex Original is a system of simple, flexible tool holders for the private person that needs to arrange the tools for the garage or the garden shed


Toolflex Original is ideal for the following segments

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Janitor closets
  • Storage rooms

Three sizes

Find a holder for all your tools

  • Small (S) – Ø15-20 mm
  • Medium (M) – Ø20-30 mm
  • X-Large (XL) – Ø30-40 mm

Two Lengths

For all environments

  • 50 cm
  • 90 cm

Slide function

Can be adjusted sideways

  • Create more space by moving holders sideways
  • Push sides of holders to release it from rail

Use without rail

  • Individual holders can be mounted with screws

Colour-coded pins

  • Yellow = Ø15-20 mm
  • Red = Ø20-30 mm
  • Black = Ø30-40 mm

Made in Sweden

A sustainable approach

  • Toolflex is developed and manufactured in Småland, Sweden
  • High quality recyclable materials
  • Manufactured according to Quality ISO 9001:2015 & Environmental ISO 14001:2015

H—01 Holder

Additional flexibility

  • 2-pack of holders with screws and dowels
  • Insert into H-01 rail for additional storage or screw directly into wall

Available in three sizes

H—01 Hook

Additional flexibility

  • Simple and flexible hook which is inserted into the H-01 rail track

H—01 Rail

Customise your own product

  • Rail 50 cm, with screws for H-01 Holders
  • Rail 90 cm, with screws for H-01 Holders

H—01 Replacement kit

  • Including 5 x rubber and 10 x pins

Available in 3 sizes



  • Holds tools from: Ø 15–40mm ( in 3 sizes )
  • Colour availability: Black (with coloured pins)
  • Materials: ABS, PP, TPE, Aluminium
  • Box Quantity: 10 pcs
  • Minimum temperature: -5°C
  • Maximum temperature: 60°C
  • Maximum weight individual holder: 5kg
  • Maximum weight rail: 25kg
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • Used without rail: Yes