About Toolflex

Toolflex One holder - Garden tools hanging on wall

Swedish engineering since 1983

In the heart of southern Sweden is the small community of Forsheda.

It was here, 40 years ago, that an engineer, Bengt Forsberg, had an idea, which became a patent, which became a global success. He called it Toolflex.

Since the first patent in 1983 there have been many more. Innovations that have often been copied, but never surpassed for performance and quality.

Today, you can find Toolflex in the homes and workplaces of more than 40 countries worldwide. Smart hanging storage solutions, helping to organise your work and daily life.

Despite Bengt’s idea having reached the entire world, production still takes place in the factory in Forsheda, where his focus on innovation and quality is as strong as it was 40 years ago. Just the way he wants it.