Toolflex Office - Toolflex holder up close

The Toolflex storage system

Toolflex products and systems are a series of versatile tool holders for the simple storage of tools and other objects for all possible settings.

A system for every need

Using our Toolflex systems, you can store more than just handles and tools. Toolflex One is our most versatile system with its one-size-fits-all holder. Toolflex Original, our simplest system that is also the origin of all of our products. Toolflex Motion offers the possibility of storage in motion with its tube clamp and Toolflex Accessories provides products for storing disposable gloves, hoses, bottles, dustpans and brushes, etc. Our latest addition is the Toolflex One Utility Cart, engineered to maximize efficiency and convenience, revolutionizing the way you store and transport your cleaning essentials.

Toolflex for hotels - Hanging cleanings tools

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