Added potential with Toolflex Accessories

Using products in the Toolflex Accessories series, you can meet all of the storage needs that might arise. Toolflex Accessories can be mounted directly onto walls, a Toolflex One rail or cleaning trolleys with our tube clamp.

Toolflex for hotels - Hanging cleanings tools

Create your own storage solution

Using Toolflex Accessories, you can store more than just handles and tools. Discover products for storing bottles, cans, buckets and face masks, etc. Tailor your own storage solution to meet your specific needs, at home, and at work.

Versatile installation

All products in the Toolflex Accessories series can be installed in three ways:

  • Toolflex One Rail
  • On walls using the adapter supplied
  • Using a tube clamp
Toolflex professional - School cleaning cart close-up

Better ergonomics

Toolflex products contribute to a more ergonomic everyday work environment. This means less physical stress, more efficient ways of working and a better end result.

Toolflex holder - Housekeeper working with guest in background

Hygienic design

Click out, clean, put back. Toolflex Accessories are designed for quick and easy cleaning in any setting.

Manufactured in Sweden

Toolflex is designed and manufactured in Forsheda, Sweden. Since 1983, high quality, good design and local production have been part of our philosophy. At the factory, we ensure that each Toolflex holder meets our requirements before it leaves Forsheda.

Sopsethållare med och utan rörfäste

Discover Toolflex products

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Toolflex means simplicity and flexibility to me. By flexibility, I mean how easy it is to change things when necessary.