Toolflex garage - Man repairing motorcycle in garage

Make more space for tinkering

Free-up and create more space in your garage with the Toolflex hanging storage system.

Toolflex garage - Man working in garage

Efficient storage in your garage

Create more floor space and better organsation in your garage with Toolflex smart tool holders for hanging storage. Organise tools, hoses, cables, or bottles on the wall of your garage. Visible, simple and accessible. Always just one click away.

Storage for all your needs

Tool holders, hose holders or whatever-you-want holders. Only you set the limits. The Toolflex system is easy to adapt to your storage needs, no matter how they change over time.

Toolflex garage - close-up tools
Toolflex garage - Man repairing motorcycle in garage

Patented design

Toolflex One combines Swedish design with precision and quality. The result is a patented hanging storage system, that just works. There are many copies, but only one Toolflex.

Swedish quality

We ensure the toughness, durability and performance of your Toolflex holder before it leaves the factory. So you can count on a tool holder that will stand up to hard use. Every day.

Toolflex garage - close-up sports equipment

Everything you need, just one click away

Toolflex One is our most versatile storage solution ever. The patented design holds handles and tools from Ø15 to Ø35 mm. Spanners, hoses, scooters or sports equipment – One gives you everything you need, just one click away.

Toolflex holder - Detailed image