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A quicker path to a pleasant environment

The path to a pleasant working environment begins with organisation. The Toolflex system for wall-mounted storage helps to create a better work environment in all types of offices.

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Smart storage for offices and workplaces

Create better organisation and a better working environment in your office using smart and stylish storage for cleaning supplies from Toolflex. Discover a simpler way to keep things tidy with the easily accessible and ergonomic storage of cleaning utensils, bottles and gloves for both cleaning cupboards and cleaning trolleys.

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In all my 20 years in the sector, I don’t think I’ve experienced a single Toolflex holder that has broken. The products are incredibly practical and durable.

Better ergonomics

Toolflex tool holders contribute to a more ergonomic everyday work environment. This means less stress for staff, more efficient ways of working and a better end result.

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Hygienic design

Click out, clean, put back. Tool holders, accessories, brackets and rails designed for quick and easy cleaning in any setting. Smart color coding ensures that every implement is always located in the right place.

Certified safe

All tool holders in the Toolflex One series are made of recyclable materials and FDA listed raw materials. Approved according to HACCP standards, NSF certified and disinfectable. Swedish manufacture ensures high standards of safety, robustness and durability. 

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Toolflex One – everything you need, just one click away.

Toolflex One is our most ergonomic and versatile storage solution ever. The patented design holds handles and tools from Ø15 to Ø35 mm. Attach it to a cleaning trolley or wall for the quick, hygienic and durable storage of handles, spray bottles or tools – just one click away.

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