Toolflex One Hook, 3-pack

3-pack of hooks for hanging tools. Attached to Toolflex One rails (the hook cannot be mounted separately).


Toolflex One is the ultimate, most versatile, wall-mounted tool holder that helps users effectively organize, store and quickly access a wide variety of tools of different sizes, shapes and contours from Ø15 up to Ø35 mm.
Please note! The hook can’t be mounted separately without rail.

Utensils and tools hang stably, free from the floor and wall.

• Click ’n Go function – easy to mount, move and supplement.
• FDA- och food approved materials.
• Available in 8 colors for color coding in for example hygienic zones. HCV-EU (HACCP) certified.
• Easy to wipe clean thanks to hygienic design of holders and rail.
• NSF certified.
• Autoclave safe (+121 °C).
• Recyclable.
• Made in Sweden.

Colors:8 colors
Max cleaning temperature (dishwasher):93°C
Max cleaning temperature (Autoclave):121°C
Min temperature:-20°C
Max temperature:80°C
Max weight single hook: 3 kgs
Country of origin: Sweden
Can be used without rail:No

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