One Motion Holder

Tool holder for all tools with Ø 15-35 mm. Mounted with included tube clamp on e.g. cleaning trolley.


Toolflex One is our most flexible storage solution. The patented design holds handels and tools from Ø15 up to Ø35 mm (Ø0.59 to Ø1.38 in).

Ideal for storage in motion, for example cleaning trolley, wheel chair, walker, etc.

  • 360 degrees rotation.
  • Durable materials.
  • Autoclave safe (+121 C).
  • Recyclable.
  • Made in Sweden.
Suitable for:Ø 15-35 mm (Ø0.59 to Ø1.38 in)
Availale colours:Black
Material:POM, PP, TPE, PA6
Max cleaning temperature (dishwasher): 93°C
Max cleaning temperature (Autoclave):121°C
Min temperature:-20°C
Max temperature:80°C
Max weight single holder:5 kg
Country of origin:Sweden